Creating Disks in Virtual Box

My job is to help the developers be more efficient and closer to production without actually being there to screw things up ūüėČ . The following article is part of a series on managing extra storage on VirtualBox to mimic some of our systems in production. The series will walk through adding a disk manually in VirtualBox and will walk through the automation of it through Vagrant, Chef and Chef provisioning. The first in the series shows how to create and attach a disk in VirtualBox through the command line – this is the foundation that we will build up on for the rest of the series.

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Saving the day with HAProxy.

When deploying software –¬†especially¬†custom built software – things will go wrong, typically¬†at the wrong time. This was a standard upgrade of our application system – which is quite complex. It required us to shutdown and upgrade the database systems as well as 32 other machines.

Things go wrong – no mater how much you prepare – This is one of those stories.

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