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Linux – Love and Hate

I hate Linux.

Actualy,  I don’t. It’s like going to the bread aisle in the grocery store – 40ft worth  of different types of bread – all slightly different, the P in my INTP chokes at the number of choices. Linux feels like that sometimes – so flexible it lacks a spine.  For our production systems at work – linux – it was never a question. The flexibility of going under the hood is great – but we are a team – a rather large one, and choices do get dictated.

Where the pain comes in, is I want to use Linux at home – and have in some form or another since I first installed slackware from 26 floppy disks in ’94. The complexity that has proliferated with the multitude of media formats – open and proprietary – in the last few years has been incredible – as well as the choice on what to install.

Walk on the Ubuntu side

I have always used RPM based distros, and still do for work. While I love the Fedora’s, I have always needed another computer – or jump through hoops – to browse parts of the web. I know it could be done with Fedora – but I never had the time to push through the details to get it working  – I don’t have the time I use to to play with these systems. I recently I tried Ubuntu, as it was “pitched” to me as easy as windows. Guess what – things just worked. Most of the media on the web sites worked fine,  but the “strangeness” of  the apt-get from the Debian roots and relearning some of the basics was a trek I did not want to make.

Back to Fedora with a little Ubuntu

So I trudged back to fedora 19, this time – certain I could find a way to make it work. Iloved the completeness of the Ubuntu ditribution and I was certain someone else had already done this. I found what I was looking for in this excellent article by Chema Martin :

In it are the instructions on how to set up a stock fedora with the proper repositories (Biggest item was the move to RPMFusion) as well as which pakages to download. Much of the tiresome work of setting up Flash, Chrome, Skype is all outlined here, as well as explaining some of the details. The goal of the article is to move from Ubuntu to Fedora, for the Fedora native looking to set up alot of the their system, skim through until the section on setting up the RPM repositories. Just the section “Make yourself at home” is worth  the read of the article.

I have followed the steps on fedora 19 without issues and highly recomend it for people who would like a better “comercial” experience on Fedora.

I you do try it out let me know how it went. Welcome to the new Fedora !