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Linux – Love and Hate

I hate Linux.

Actualy,  I don’t. It’s like going to the bread aisle in the grocery store – 40ft worth  of different types of bread – all slightly different, the P in my INTP chokes at the number of choices. Linux feels like that sometimes – so flexible it lacks a spine.  For our production systems at work – linux – it was never a question. The flexibility of going under the hood is great – but we are a team – a rather large one, and choices do get dictated.

Where the pain comes in, is I want to use Linux at home – and have in some form or another since I first installed slackware from 26 floppy disks in ’94. The complexity that has proliferated with the multitude of media formats – open and proprietary – in the last few years has been incredible – as well as the choice on what to install.

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