Making fedora better

Getting back to Fedora (yes agafolks with hatsin) I recenlty found something called fedy at folks with hats. This installs a few new repos (fedely as well as the rpm fusion sites.) and gives you a nice UI to manage alot of additions that make Fedora much more useable.

This is an open source project that can be found on github.

Have fun!

Creating Disks in Virtual Box

My job is to help the developers be more efficient and closer to production without actually being there to screw things up ūüėČ . The following article is part of a series on managing extra storage on VirtualBox to mimic some of our systems in production. The series will walk through adding a disk manually in VirtualBox and will walk through the automation of it through Vagrant, Chef and Chef provisioning. The first in the series shows how to create and attach a disk in VirtualBox through the command line – this is the foundation that we will build up on for the rest of the series.

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Saving the day with HAProxy.

When deploying software –¬†especially¬†custom built software – things will go wrong, typically¬†at the wrong time. This was a standard upgrade of our application system – which is quite complex. It required us to shutdown and upgrade the database systems as well as 32 other machines.

Things go wrong – no mater how much you prepare – This is one of those stories.

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Back to Fedora

Linux – Love and Hate

I hate Linux.

Actualy,¬† I don’t. It’s like going to the bread aisle in the grocery store – 40ft worth¬† of different types of bread – all slightly different, the P in my INTP chokes at the number of choices. Linux feels like that sometimes – so flexible it lacks a spine.¬† For our production systems at work – linux – it was never a question. The flexibility of going under the hood is great – but we are a team – a rather large one, and choices do get dictated.

Where the pain comes in, is I want to use Linux at home – and have in some form or another since I first installed slackware from 26 floppy disks in ’94. The complexity that has proliferated with the multitude of media formats – open and proprietary – in the last few years has been incredible – as well as the choice on what to install.

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